20 million tourists expect Chinese New Year 2020 in Hainan, China

On January 3, 2020, a meeting of the leading transport group of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) was held in Hainan province, where it was estimated that this year it is expected that about 20 million tourists to Hainan on the Spring Festival festival. The Hainan Provincial Spring Festival Transportation Authority actively coordinated transportation opportunities to ensure uninterrupted and orderly transportation during the Spring Festival.


In terms of passenger road transport during the spring holiday, Hainan plans to accommodate 6,752 passenger vehicles for 224,589 passengers. Among them, 3057 tourist passenger vehicles for 114948 seats.


As for water transport, the province plans to commission 353 passenger vessels with a total capacity of 65,725 seats, of which 58 passenger ships, 52,245 seats and 2,796 parking spaces, 37 city ferries, 258 tourist passenger ships and 13,480 passengers.


In terms of civil aviation, in order to ensure sufficient capacity, 9 airlines, such as Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines, plan to work overtime in the amount of 4440 overtime hours in 28 cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities based on their initial capacity depending on market demand and 74 wide-body aircraft in Beijing and Xi'an.


As for railways, during the Spring Festival, Hainan Railway Co., Ltd. plans to launch 17 additional trains on the island ring road (West Ring Road), 27 pairs on the east ring road.


The meeting asked all cities, districts and departments to analyze weak links, eliminate weaknesses in work, improve the communication network of teams, strengthen coordination and coordination of the organization of the Spring Festival, conduct in-depth inspections of hidden dangers in production and special troubleshooting work, strengthen control mechanism in emergency situations and resolutely remove difficult situations.


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