Hainan introduced 24 measures in six main areas to reduce logistics costs

The Hainan Provincial Logistics Cost Cut Action Plan jointly released by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of Transportation recently revealed that the province will take 24 measures in six key areas to try to account for overall logistics costs for the whole society. provinces.


The province will improve procedures for obtaining licenses and permits, accelerate the electronicization of transport qualification licenses and promote online recommendations to simplify customs clearance, the total time for customs clearance of goods in 2020 will be halved compared to 2017.


For large logistics infrastructure projects such as national logistics centers, dedicated rail lines, cold chain logistics facilities, and other large logistics infrastructure projects identified by the state, relevant departments and provinces, key guarantees will be provided to land indicators for new construction. In accordance with the implementation of the pilot measures of Hainan Province to enter the city of collective industrial construction land, the collective industrial construction land in the countryside can be used for logistics and other industrial projects, which are in line with the state policy and industrial policy of our province according to the plan. Proactively seek support for the construction of basic logistics infrastructure such as national logistics centers and national cold chain logistics bases, such as central budget investments and local government special bonds.


Reducing tax costs for logistics - rigorously implement preferential policies for the green corridor for the transport of fresh agricultural produce, exempt additional fees for vehicles entering and leaving the island as needed, and implement preferential policies for cross-strait ferry fees Qiongzhou and port passenger transportation lease fees.


Reduce overall logistics costs. According to the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of a National Logistics Center (2021-2025)", actively submit applications for the creation of a national logistics center to systematically reduce logistics costs. Actively apply for the national backbone logistics chain base to fill the shortcomings of urban and rural logistics chain facilities; integrate chain logistics and resources of agricultural production and circulation, improve the scale, intensification, organization and network level of logistics, and reduce logistics costs.


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