New procedure for obtaining Chinese visas for foreigners in 2022 in Russia: visa application requirements for business, work and family visits to China

As early as June 16, 2022, new information about the new procedure for obtaining visas to China for foreigners first appeared on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Russia in Chinese (the same information appeared again yesterday (June 17, 2022) and for some reason again in Chinese and in account of the Chinese Embassy in Russia in the Russian social network Vkontakte).


Such information in Russian in official sources on the website of the Embassy of China in Russia at the moment could not be found, therefore, below will be a translation of the article from Chinese into Russian, but due to the lack of an official translation, the information below is purely preliminary and for reference and before any use, be sure to check all the information directly with the Chinese Embassy in Russia. If you are not a citizen of Russia, then probably similar information may soon appear for your country - be sure to check with the Chinese Embassy in your country.



China Visa Policy Change Notice for Foreigners (2022-06-16 22:29)


From now on, the Chinese Embassy in Russia will adjust the visa application requirements for business, work and family visits to China accordingly:


 1. Please log in to and complete the online visa application form completely and truthfully, and log in to to register for a visa .


After a successful appointment, please print the confirmation page "China Visa Online Application Form", "People's Republic of China Visa Application Form" and "China Visa Application Online Appointment Voucher" then sign and confirm on the above confirmation page and in paragraph 9 of the application form.


2.Due to epidemic prevention and epidemic control, please come to our embassy to provide visa materials strictly according to the appointment time, enter the visa hall of the consular section with the above "Chinese Visa Online Application Certificate ".


3.When obtaining a visa, please remember to take the evidence collection form issued by the embassy with you to enter the consulate visa hall.


2.Basic requirements for obtaining visas to China

1. Foreigners who go to work in China apply for a Z visa


2. Foreigners traveling to China for economic and commercial, scientific, technical, sports, cultural and other activities applying for M or F visas must provide a PU letter of invitation issued by the departments of foreign affairs and trade of the central government agencies, central enterprises, provincial people's governments and foreign affairs departments of municipal people's governments;


3. Foreign spouses, parents, minor children, foreign spouses, parents of foreigners who go to China for long-term or short-term visits to relatives and work in China apply for an S1 or S2 visa


4. Foreign spouses, parents, parents of spouses, children, spouses, siblings, grandparents, foreign spouses, siblings, grandparents, foreigners of Chinese citizens and foreigners with permanent residence status in China for family reunification or short visit to relatives in China Grandparents, grandchildren and grandchildren apply for a Q1 or Q2 visa;


5. Flight attendants traveling to China must apply for a C visa.


6. High-end talents need to apply for an R visa, they must have a "Foreign High-end Talent Confirmation Letter", and their spouses and minor children apply for an S2 visa with proof of kinship;


7. Foreigners and relatives who travel to China to participate in diplomatic and official activities.

Applicants for the above visas should prepare the relevant materials according to the Chinese Visa Application Guide (


3. Special reminder

1. In order to avoid the risk of spreading the epidemic caused by long-distance travel, you must apply for a visa at the nearest Chinese Embassy in Russia where your consulate is located.


2. In principle, visa applicants must be vaccinated against a new coronavirus vaccine approved by China, Russia or the World Health Organization for emergency use or sale.


3.From 15:30 to 18:00 every Tuesday and Thursday (excluding public holidays), visa issues can be contacted by phone 007-499-9518435, and by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pre-visa checks are no longer accepted.


4. In order to effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic, it is necessary to wear a mask on the way to the Embassy and when submitting visa materials