Where and how to complain in China: how to file a complaint

In China, you can file a complaint through the National Complaint Receiving Bureau (国家投诉受理办公室), a complaint is filed through the website:

or through the WeChat miniprogram (the code is located on this site).


国家投诉受理办公室 function:

Receive complaints from local residents, foreigners and legal entities through the website of the State Bureau of Letters and Calls, the mobile phone application and the official WeChat account; forward, assign and monitor important complaints; comprehensive analysis and reflection of important information about complaints; district, municipal party committees, governments and relevant central departments report on the work of receiving complaints; manage and supervise the work of receiving complaints at the local and departmental level; are responsible for managing the work of the "online petition" and collecting the "online proposals".


 Please read the following content first and file a complaint if required after agreeing.


1. The National Complaints Bureau accepts proposals, opinions or complaints submitted by citizens, legal entities, foreigners or other organizations through the website of the National Complaints Bureau.

2. The complaint can be downloaded as an attachment.

3. Through this website, you can learn about the processing process and the results of the processing of letters and visits, and the results of the processing must be provided by the administrative body authorized to process them.

4. Please abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China - you must not falsify, distort facts, falsely accuse others, and falsify others.


5. The complaint is prohibited from using uncivilized language such as offensive and verbal abuse.


After registering on the website, you need to go to the complaints interface and compose the text of the complaint, where you indicate:


发地 - the scene of the incident.

问题类别 - the type of your complaint

联名人数 - if the complaint is collective - you must specify everyone who complains with you

是否有复核意见书 - was there a decision before, if the complaint is repeated

是否已经行政复议 - whether there is a decision on administrative review

是否许可公开 - allow other users to view the complaint

法院是否已受理 - whether the complaint was accepted by the court

仲裁机构是否已受理 - whether the complaint was accepted by the arbitration


After all the fields of the application are filled in and the text of your complaint is written, send the complaint.


In accordance with the 访条例(regulations for receiving appeals), you must accept a complaint and respond to you within 10 working days, and make a 办结 (decision on the case) within 60 days (and in some cases up to 90 days).


Please note that you will be answered by the state structure that is authorized by Chinese law to consider your question, and through the site your complaint is forwarded to this structure and you will receive a response