Diploma for China without legalization: how to make your diploma valid in China without legalization - obtaining a certificate from the China Service Center for Educational Exchanges (CSCSE)

Written on the example of Russian citizens, but this procedure for confirming a diploma of education is also suitable for citizens of all other countries (for citizens of Kazakhstan, a simplified procedure - see more in our Wechat program or ask in our group).


In China, the procedure for checking foreign documents on education and issuing certificates is carried out by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE), subordinate to the Ministry of Education of the PRC:


Phone: +86 (10) 6267 7800




In accordance with Article 6 of the “Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the People's Republic of China on the Mutual Recognition of Documents on Education and Academic Degrees” (Moscow, 1995): “The Chinese Party recognizes documents on higher education and academic degrees issued in the Russian Federation. Persons who have received these documents are entitled to professional activities, internships, continuing education and obtaining an academic degree in the PRC in accordance with the direction or specialty of training, degree or qualification indicated in them.


The following levels of higher professional education have been established in the Russian Federation:


— bachelor;

- a graduate (the specialty is indicated in the diploma, for example, a history teacher, etc.);

– specialist (the direction of training is indicated in the diploma);

- master.


Holders of diplomas of "graduated specialists", "specialists" and "masters" have the right not only to professional activities, but also to postgraduate studies (competition for an academic degree), respectively, a specialist's diploma can be considered in this context as equal to a master's degree. Holders of bachelor's degrees are only entitled to professional activities.


The diploma of "specialist" or "graduated specialist" in the Russian Federation is a diploma of higher education and is recognized as such in the PRC in accordance with the said agreement.


Please note that the recognition of foreign (Russian) diplomas of higher education does not impose obligations for the employment of foreign citizens on Chinese employers, who have the right to request additional confirmation of qualifications under the current legislation of the PRC.




First of all, you must understand that obtaining a certificate of your diploma through the website is NOT LEGALIZATION of a diploma (as it is often incorrectly reported by foreigners in China), it is just a certificate, but which can be used and is accepted in China in the same way as a legalized copy of your diploma, because of this, the procedure for obtaining this certificate is incorrectly called legalization.


Directly for the legalization of a diploma in China, in general, you need to legalize your diploma in the country of its issue, for this you need to contact a notary in the country of issue, the notary will certify a notarized copy, which will then be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country and then finally by the Consulates of China in your country will legalize this notarized copy, after which you will receive a fully legalized copy of your diploma, which will be suitable for issuing you a "Work Permit in China".


Being directly in China, you will not be able to legalize your diploma if in your country you do not have a person with a notarized power of attorney from you who can do this for you. This is especially impossible now, when Chinese consulates in most countries of the world do not accept documents for legalization due to coronavirus restrictions.


BUT THERE IS A WAY TO CONFIRM YOUR DIPLOMA FOR USE IN CHINA WITHOUT LEGALIZATION: You can confirm your diploma on the official government website of the China Service Center for Educational Exchanges under the Ministry of Education of the PRC:


The procedure for confirming your diploma takes 30 days and costs 360 yuan (you can pay through Wechat and Alipay). As a result, you will receive a certificate confirming your diploma, valid for obtaining a "Work Permit" and a work visa, while the specialist will be equated to a master.




1. First, contact your university and get yourself an Archival certificate (issued by mail) about your diploma, check it carefully so that everything matches the data of your diploma. This is necessary so that if your university changed its name, then the Chinese may then send a request to the wrong university or there may be errors in the certificate itself.


2. Warn the office and the general department of the university that a request will soon come from China to confirm your diploma. This is necessary because some universities block incoming mail from some countries, so warn them to remove the blocking for letters from China.


3.Register on the website: or more precisely:


4. Fill in the information in your personal account on this site

You need to indicate the full surname and name in English, citizenship, gender, date of birth, select the type of document proving your identity (passport), enter the series and number of the passport. Next, indicate the mobile phone number and e-mail where you will receive a notification that your diploma has been confirmed or there are comments.


5. On the site, select the item "国境外学历学位认证" - Certification of a diploma of higher education obtained outside of China


6. Fill in all the data of the application form for confirmation of your diploma in the form that opens


7. In the next form, you need to fill in data about your other education - usually fill out data on secondary education at school


8. Upload scanned copies of documents:

-Your passport photo (no more than 1 Mb)

- completed and signed by you Consent to the processing of personal data (the template is downloaded there) (no more than 1 Mb)

- photocopies of the diploma of higher education (original, the diploma supplement is optional) (no more than 5 Mb)

-The first page of the passport that you had in your hands during the study period.


If the old passport has not been preserved, then it is necessary to provide an Archival certificate from the university stating that you really graduated from this university. If you changed your name, surname, citizenship - attach all supporting documents.


-First page of your real passport


9.Verification and payment

After paying 360 yuan (you can pay via Wechat and Alipay), you will receive a notification by mail that your application is being processed. In your personal account, you can see the estimated deadlines for completing the confirmation of a diploma in China, usually 30 days.


10. You will receive a notification about the comments or the end of the process of confirming your diploma to your phone and mail, after which you can download a letter with comments or a certificate of confirmation of diploma in your personal account


If the initial certification of your diploma does not pass, then comments are always sent that need to be addressed. For example, if you are required to attach visas that were used during training, then it is better to send photocopies of all pages of your international passport that you had valid during training - both blank pages and pages with visas. In this case, there will be proof that you were in your country during the training and you do not have visas