Qionghai on the Hainan Island, China implements 174 projects with an annual investment of 13.81 billion yuan

In the city of Qinghai 174 construction projects are implemented with annual investment plans of 13.81 billion yuan. Among them, 113 state investment projects and 61 social investment projects with investments of 4.77 billion yuan in the first half of 2018.

In order to ensure lasting progress and achievements of investment and construction projects, Qiunghai continued to study the test of the "minimal approval" model, which will significantly speed up the approval of all construction documentation. while the project and budget estimates will be directly approved for the project with a total investment of 20 million yuan or less.

In the case of more complex building conditions for verification and approval, everything will be resolved through the online approval and control platform, in accordance with the precondition for compliance with the law, the functional approval departments of the project will open a "green channel" in each section of the examination and approval.

The secretary of the municipal committee of the party, Tsiongmai, asked that all managers of the controlling and approving authorities for the construction project should not only take the initiative, but also take responsibility for the project seriously, look for the truth from the facts, and find the right project to solve the problem.