Newest Sino-French Rehabilitation Medical Center opened in Boao, Hainan Island, China

At the beginning of July 2019, Hainan Yiling Medical Industry Development Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the French rehabilitation center Crowe Sundeck and Medimax and will to cooperate in the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Zone by signing an agreement on the establishment of a Chinese-French rehabilitation medical center in Boao, where a number of high-quality international medical services will be launched.


The French Rehabilitation Center Crozambide is a private elite nursing home-style medical center offering in-patient or part-time full-time and part-time rehabilitation, with 25 years of professional clinical practice and research experience, which is well known throughout France.


According to reports, the Boao Sino-French Rehabilitation Medical Center will use the technology of the Crowe Sunbide Rehabilitation Center to present a full set of equipment and medicines for the rehabilitation of bone injuries, neurological rehabilitation, rehabilitation of the elderly, rehabilitation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and rehabilitation of cardiopulmonary function (Chinese and Western combination of medical technology), and suggested that the center send staff to prepare leadership, technical guidance, guidance on the use of equipment, transfer of experience, staff training, and so on.


The one-year hospital management team also sent foreign doctors, technicians and management personnel to the Cros-Zambid rehabilitation center in France to undergo on-the-job training, learn how to master the business model and work with brands.


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