Conference to attract investment in the logistics industry free trade port of Hainan in Haikou, China

Haikou hosted a conference on attracting investments in the modern logistics industry of the Hainan Free Trade Port. The conference was intended to be used as a vehicle to familiarize with the current status, favorable policies and development of Hainan's modern logistics industry, and to attract domestic and foreign logistics companies to invest in Hainan Free Trade Port.


The meeting included Sanya Integrated Logistics Park, Yangpu Logistics Industrial Park, Chengmai Ma Village Cold Storage, Meilan Airport Industrial Park Multistage Warehouse, Boao Agricultural Cold Storage Center, East International Logistics Distribution Center, seven projects were promoted, including an industrial park Changjiang Agricultural Products Processing and Logistics. Relevant persons in charge of 9 cities and counties and functional departments of Haikou and Sanya cities presented all projects in terms of baseline situation, industry status, development benefits, future planning, investment focus, etc. Participating companies responded that they will take advantage of the port development opportunities Hainan Free Trade Port, will communicate with cities, counties and parks as soon as possible, plan to invest in Hainan's modern logistics industry, and actively participate in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.


Currently, Hainan is actively promoting the construction of Haikou Commercial Service Center, Sanya Airport, Yangpu Port National Logistics Center, Chengmai Jinma Logistics Center, Hainan Wanling Agricultural Products Logistics Park and other provincial-level logistic parks, constantly improving the construction of logistic infrastructure. A number of large logistics projects such as Suning, Jinchang and Sanya Jiaxiang are going beyond the ordinary. Hainan will then focus on promoting the Xiaochantan Container Terminal Expansion Project in Yangpu Port, the berth and ancillary projects in the western area of ​​Macun Port in Haikou Port, and comprehensively promote the digital modernization of transport and logistics infrastructure. Fang Logistics actively attracts and develops logistics companies in Hainan, accelerates the construction of Haikou, Sanya and Yangpu national logistics centers, builds Haikou, Yangpu, Dongfang and Sanya logistics clusters, and creates global sea and air transportation and logistics in the Qiongzhou Strait.


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