Hainan summit in artificial intelligence and big data collection Alliance industry

The Hainan Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Summit and the Hainan Provincial Big Data Alliance 2020 took place in Haikou. The Smart Hainan Digital Empowerment Summit attracted more than 300 AI and Big Data guests to listen to local internet experts sharing the industry's cutting- edge technology trends.


"2020 will be the first year for the construction of a free trade port. The development of information technology such as artificial intelligence and big data will play a huge role in supporting the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port," said Party Secretary and Director of the Big Data Administration of Hainan Province. In his speech, he counted the achievements of Hainan in the field of big data in recent years. According to the reports, in terms of building the basic capacity of big data, and the development and use of data, Hainan has mainly formed the basic base of the supporting capacity of big data, and through the establishment of three basic platforms, it provides government affairs for all departments, cities and counties of the province.


Data sharing and openness; In terms of mobile convenience and smart life-building, the Province App was developed for corporate government services, which provides “hands-on” services to 8496 provincial and municipal government services, including epidemic prevention and control, reservation funds and social security.


In the next phase, Hainan looks forward to seeing even more outstanding enterprises and talents join them, and they work together to transform Hainan into a data island, digital island, smart island and smart island, combine intelligence to develop Hainan's digital economy and serve the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port.


The site also hosted the appointment of expert consultants, round tables, the launch ceremony of the Yunji Free Trade Port (Enterprise Opportunity Alliance) market platform, the opening of the Hainan Province Big Data Talent Training Base, and the signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement to develop innovative talents. in big data and alliance. Member companies have been licensed and selected by the top ten big data companies in Hainan province and the top ten big data applications in 2020.


The forum is led by the Hainan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department, the Hainan Provincial Big Data Administration, the Hainan Provincial Big Data Industry Alliance, Digital Hainan Co., Ltd., Inspur Group Co., Ltd., Tencent Cloud Computing (Hainan) Co., Ltd., China Telecom Co., Ltd. Organized jointly with the Hainan subsidiary, China Mobile Communications Group Hainan Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Anheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.


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