Haikou-Seoul flights resumed

The first flight on the Haikou-Seoul route took place - from Seoul, the plane arrived at Haikou Meilan Airport, earlier, due to the impact of epidemic prevention requirements, the Haikou-Seoul passenger route was suspended in January 2020.


This route is operated and operated by Golden Falcon Airlines (Hainan) Co., Ltd. and operated by the South Korean company Jeju Air. Model 737-800 is a passenger aircraft with a total payload of 13 tons. This route is a scheduled service every Wednesday, this route will accept EMS outbound mail from Haikou to Seoul, South Korea, and the returned goods are mainly Korean high-quality agricultural and by-products, as well as basic necessities.


Golden Falcon Aviation (Hainan) Co., Ltd. helped the Hainan Free Trade Port to establish an international air cargo network and gained valuable experience to build an air logistics system. This route has received support from the Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation, the Haikou City Transport and Port and Navigation Bureau, the Haikou City Commercial Bureau, the Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau, as well as customs, airports and epidemic prevention departments. At the same time, this flight also enjoys the support of the Free Port's jet fuel policy, as well as Meilan Airport's reduction in take-off and landing fees, which significantly reduces route operations and fuel costs, fully demonstrating the implementation of the Free Port's policy and business optimization. Wednesday.


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