Reports of "aerosol transmission", experts: ventilation and disinfection can reduce virus density

Chinese media reported that in Shandong province, as well as in Guangzhou, Ningbo and other places, suspicions of aerosol transmission leading to infection were found, for example, in Shandong province, it was suspected that a resident contracted the virus while digging up wild vegetables on outdoors near an infected person.


Experts said that aerosol transmission is a mode of transmission through the air, especially in small and enclosed spaces, the virus persists for a long time after the formation of aerosols. Proper ventilation and disinfection can minimize aerosol concentration and virus density.


Previously, the Ningbo Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a news report on the evening of April 10, saying that there had recently been an incident of suspected virus infection due to aerosol transmission. According to reports, a local confirmed case entered the underground car park with a car (opening the window and not wearing a mask), and during the same period, two more people were in the parking lot without a mask.


Chinese journalists investigated and found that in June 2021, an article co-authored by several employees of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention titled "Risks of Aerosol Transmission of Respiratory Infectious Diseases" indicated that viruses can be effectively spread through aerosols. may remain stable for longer periods, so in relatively closed public places the potential risk of aerosol transmission of respiratory infectious diseases cannot be ignored, and coughing and sneezing are the main processes by which aerosols are generated.


On April 13, an emergency doctor told Chinese media that aerosols are solid or liquid particles suspended in the air, so aerosol transmission means that some pathogens can pass through the air and the virus persists for a longer time after aerosol formation.


Disease prevention and control experts in Jining City said that aerosol transmission is an airborne transmission route, especially in small and enclosed spaces such as elevators, carriages, cinemas, etc. When the virus is in aerosols, it persists During a long time. If you stay in these places for too long, the risk of infection is higher.


Ventilation should be carried out in time to reduce the concentration of aerosols, and the standard wearing of medical surgical masks can effectively prevent infection. And everyone should pay attention to the regular disinfection of special environments such as elevators, offices, etc., in order to minimize the density of the virus.