It is unlikely that China will open to tourists before 2023, said Russian ambassador in China

Russian Ambassador to China Denisov said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestiya that he thinks it is unlikely that mass tourism will resume in China by 2023.


According to the Russian Ambassador to China, at present China is still in the “zero tolerance” mode for the virus, certain restrictions have not gone anywhere: people wear masks, they don’t go anywhere without a QR code, the Omicron coronavirus strain came as a surprise to China.


However, there is also a good moment - in 2022, China and Russia established a student exchange - for the first time in two and a half years, almost three hundred foreign students resumed their studies at Chinese universities, later another 800 people will come to Russia to get an education.


In such a situation, China will not accept tourists until at least 2023, Ambassador Denisov shared his opinion. He also said that the Russian embassy in China also manages to bring specialists to some cooperation sites where they are indispensable.


“In China, almost the entire population has been vaccinated - if we take one-time vaccinations, about 3.5 billion of them have been made. But, apparently, Chinese vaccines work well against delta and related viruses, and omicron turned out to be an “innovation” for China. for this there was a rather severe April outbreak in Shanghai. So, frankly, both then and now, it seems to me that a real easing of quarantine measures in China can occur when the downward trend in cases prevails around the world,” said Ambassador Denisov .


In May 2022, it was reported that China was ranked fourth on the list of the most desirable travel destinations among Russians. Italy topped the list, followed by Turkey and France.