New rules of entry to China: requirements for self-testing, airline control, customs declaration, quarantine from April 29, 2023

The Chinese Embassy in Russia has published new requirements for entering China, according to which, starting April 29, 2023 (Moscow time), people traveling to China on international flights can replace nucleic acid testing with antigen self-testing within 48 hours before boarding, and airlines will no longer check the test certificate before boarding.


In order to make it easier for passengers to prepare for their trip, the Embassy in Russia has updated the Guidelines for Preventing and Combating the Epidemic among Passengers Traveling to China.


Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Passengers Destined for China

1. Remote testing: Use your own antigen or nucleic acid testing kit within 48 hours before boarding your flight. Only those who test negative can go to China. Those who test positive must go to China after they test negative.


2. Customs declaration: After receiving a negative test result, go to the WeChat Mini Program “Fingerprint Passenger Customs Service”, Palm Shanghai Customs App or Web Version ( ) Fill out the “Declaration Card on the state of health for filing a declaration.


3. Airlines do not need to check antigen test results and nucleic acid test certificates before boarding.


4. Epidemic prevention on board: Please strictly follow the airline's epidemic prevention requirements, use personal protective equipment and reduce the risk of infection.


5. Entry and quarantine: Upon arrival at the port, go through the necessary customs clearance procedures using the customs health declaration code. Those whose health declarations are normal and there are no deviations in normal port quarantine can enter China. Customs will conduct sampling and testing according to a certain proportion. Persons with claims of abnormal health or symptoms such as fever are required to cooperate with customs in conducting epidemiological investigations, medical examinations, etc., as well as undergo sampling and testing for concomitant infectious diseases.


6. Territorial epidemic prevention: After entering the country, passengers must strictly comply with the requirements for territorial epidemic prevention and control.


Disclaimer: All of the above information is for reference only, before any practical use, be sure to check with the Chinese Embassy in your country for more details about all the information you need.