Before moving to China: what forms and where to fill out online, requirements for covid and quarantine tests

In connection with the development of the situation with the Covid-19 Coronavirus epidemic and the need to promote the movement of citizens, from March 1, 2023 (in time of Moscow), direct flights from Russia to China are allowed to use antigens (including self-testing reagents) as an alternative) PCR tests.


To facilitate preparations for the trip, the Chinese embassy in Russia has updated the “Guide to prevent and control epidemics for passengers going to China” (attached), please read the information carefully and follow it.


Epidemic Prevention and Control Guide for Passengers Traveling to China


1. Remote Testing: PCR testing or self-testing with an antigen reagent kit must be performed within 48 hours before boarding the aircraft. Passengers who receive a negative test result can go to China, passengers who receive a positive test result must wait until it changes to negative.


2. Customs Declaration: After receiving a negative result, you need to fill out a “health card of health when leaving/entering the Chinese People’s Republic” and declare documents through a mini-program in the WeChat Customs Customs Customs Appendix, the Portable Customs application or on the site (on the site (

3. Airlines do not need to verify PCR test certificates or antigen test results.


4. Prevention epidemic on aircraft: In order to reduce the risk of contagion, please wear a mask during the all flight and use personal protection.


5. Quarantine surveillance when entering country: after arrival at port perform the necessary customs clearance procedures with code customs health declaration. Customs officers will conduct random checks, and will also check those passengers whose health declaration does not correspond to the norm, or has other symptoms such as fever. Those who receive a positive test result must be isolated at home or in their place of residence, or seek medical care in accordance with the notification requirements. In relation to those who receive a negative result, the customs will carry out the established quarantine supervision in accordance with the “Law on quarantine at the state border”. Passengers whose health declaration conforms to the norm and quarantine supervision has not revealed any deviations will be able to enter the social zone. 6. Local Epidemic Prevention: After entering the country, passengers must strictly comply with local epidemic prevention and control requirements.


All of the above information is posted for reference purposes only, in case of any real use, be sure to check all the necessary information directly with the Chinese Embassy in your country.