Import value of Haikou Port on Hainan Island was 320 million RMB in three quarters of 2020

Since the beginning of this year, the cross-border e-commerce business in Hainan Province continues to grow rapidly, from January to October 2020, Haikou Port Customs monitored and published 722,000 customs declaration lists for the import of cross-border e-commerce goods on the Internet, totaling 320 million yuan, an increase from with the same period in 2019 by 8.2 times and 12.4 times, respectively, and the number of orders exceeded the total volume of supervision and release by 4.6 times.


According to reports, in order to keep up with the peak of online shopping promotion during the "Double Eleven", Haikou Port Customs has taken the initiative to liaise with e-commerce companies, warehouse and logistics companies and get information about e-commerce promotion activities in advance; create commissioners for liaison with customs of cross-border e-commerce, in order to understand in time what the business needs and solve difficulties with customs clearance.


Due to the large variety and large number of cross-border goods during the "Double Eleven" period, Haikou Port Customs rationally allocate supervisory personnel to improve the efficiency of inspection, verification, verification and issuance of documents, as well as to ensure cross-border communication during the "Double Eleven" period. Instant customs clearance for commercial businesses within 24 hours with "zero wait" for international e-commerce parcels. At the same time, with the help of video surveillance and other systems, real-time monitoring of conditions on the ground, such as logistics checkpoints in the Haikou Integrated Bonded Zone and cross-border e-commerce warehouses, can be used to respond to various emergencies in a timely manner to "escort" enterprises and consumers.


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