Internet statistics in China: WeChat ranked first in the ranking of visited applications in Hainan

According to the 2019 Hainan Internet Development Report, the most used APP by Hainan users is mainly WeChat, which is based on messaging, video services and mobile shopping - with 82% mobile user coverage.


As of the end of 2019, among various websites in Hainan Province, China's search engine websites had the highest user reach, reaching 99.2%; on the mobile side, mobile video service applications had the highest user coverage, reaching 93.8%; they were followed by communication apps, with ratings of 91.3% and 77.5%, respectively.


The APPs most commonly used by web users in Hainan Province are mainly instant messaging, video services and mobile shopping. Among them, WeChat ranked first with 82% mobile user coverage; mobile Taobao came in second with 49.3%; QQ, Alipay, iQiyi, and Sina Weibo ranked third to sixth, respectively, with respective proportions of 45.7%, 45.7%, 44.6% and 43.5%.


On the PC side, in terms of monthly visits, the three main websites visited by Hainan netizens are Baidu Search, Taobao and Sogou Search, with 110 million, 89 million and 35 million visits, respectively.


As for mobile apps, based on an analysis of monthly battery usage, the top three apps in Hainan Province by the number of web user visits are WeChat, Video Services and Toutiao, with visits of 26.7 hours, 17 hours and 14.1 hours, respectively.


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