Alibaba Local Life University Talent Education University opened in Sanya, Hainan, China

The Alibaba Local Life University Sanya Talent Training Base was officially launched. Through collaboration with Alibaba Sanya, the introduction of the island's first authorized talent training base will follow the trend of increasing consumption, promote deep integration of online and offline consumption, and eliminate new consumption disadvantages.


In the next phase, Alibaba University of Local Life will release 1,000 high-quality courses to help practitioners modernize and evolve their digital capabilities, increase online catering penetration to over 30%, and help merchants integrate home and in-store services to expand their reach. The total consumption of catering is expected to increase by 15%.


At the opening ceremony, the head of the Sanya City Administration said that the introduction of Alibaba University to Sanya will greatly help train local catering professionals and build a system of entrepreneurship and employment, as well as provide more opportunities for improving catering professionals. In Sanya, it is necessary to continue to accelerate the advancement of new consumption expansion and quality improvement, to continue to stimulate the consumer vitality of citizens and tourists, and to promote deep integration of online and offline consumption in order to move the food service industry in Sanya from “reactivation and production” to “production and efficiency ”to“ high level ”.


Sun Qidong, deputy director of the Sanya Municipal Commercial Bureau, said catering is one of the most active consumer formats in Sanya and an important driver of growth in consumer goods retail in Sanya. He hopes the digital upgrade will enable foodservice businesses to improve their operational capabilities and continue to advance in Sanya.


The training base is reportedly sponsored by the Sanya Municipal Commercial Bureau and the Sanya Municipal Human Resources and Welfare Bureau. On the same day, the Sanya City 2021 Intermediate Online Catering Operator Training Course was officially launched at the base. The first training course was held for more than 60 people from business districts and practitioners of the night market catering. Upon completion of the course, the organizer will reward qualified Alibaba students.


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