Power supply statistics of Hainan Province, China

The China Southern Electric Grid Company said that the power supply and demand situation in Hainan has remained stable and orderly since winter. The surplus of the power balance is 46-81 million kilowatts, power supply is normal. According to the forecast of the Hainan Power Grid Corporation, from December this year to January 2021 the supply and demand for electricity in the province will be broadly balanced.


According to calculations, in December, the maximum load was adjusted to 4.8 million kilowatts, which is 5.19% more than last year, and the total received capacity was 2.522 billion kilowatts, an increase of 1.43%; the maximum load was adjusted to 4.8 million kilowatts in January 2021, up 8.3% over the previous year. The total transmitted and received capacity was 2.53 billion kWh, which is 10.8% more than last year.


According to the relevant person in charge of the Hainan Electric Grid Company's electricity dispatch center, under normal circumstances, the maximum capacity available to the grid system is 526-561 million kW, and the province's capacity is balanced. The surplus is 46-81 million kilowatts, and the energy supply is generally sufficient.


According to reports, in order to make every effort to ensure a safe and reliable power supply during the peak winter season, Hainan Power Grid Corporation actively manages the operation of the power system, monitors weather conditions, analyzes the power supply and demand situation on an ongoing basis, identifies peak regulation opportunities and in a timely manner. adjusts maintenance plans and power generation.


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