Dozens of key educational projects have been implemented on the island of Hainan, China

75 key educational projects have been implemented in Hainan, including 6 educational programs, including Nankai University, Lausanne School of Hotel Management, China-Europe International Business School, Southern University of Science and Technology, Henan University, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Under the agreement, the Hainan Provincial People's Government is supporting Nankai University to open a branch. Both sides will work on the areas of "Education cooperation, training and talent exchange", "Science and technology development and technology transformation", "Policy consultation cooperation", "School-to-school cooperation and cooperation with provincial and municipal institutions of Hainan ". It is planned to carry out Sino-foreign cooperation in the field of school management in Hainan, renowned universities in the fields of trade, logistics, tourism and other disciplines.


The Swiss School of Hospitality Management Lausanne has partnered with China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. to independently organize an International Professional University in Sanya, as well as undergraduate and industry-specific training. This leading professional international undergraduate university is independently organized by the Swiss group of hospitality management schools in Lausanne. He plans to run a 4,000- person school. It will focus on the talent needs of Hainan, China and the international market, and will present the education system of the Swiss School of Hotel Management in Lausanne.


The China-Europe International Business School will focus on meeting the strategic needs of the Hainan Free Trade Port and will cooperate in teacher training, research cooperation, academic exchange and school management in Qiong, in line with an innovative model of co-construction, sharing and mutually beneficial cooperation ...


Southern University of Science and Technology will present top-notch overseas universities in related disciplines in data science, mechanics and aerospace, marine environment, biomedical engineering and other disciplines to host a Sino-foreign joint educational institution in the pilot zone of international innovation educational innovation Hainan Lingshui Lian for the training of talents at the master's and doctoral levels, as well as scientific research, transformation of science and technology, social services, international cooperation and exchanges, etc.


Sanya Provincial Education Department and Sanya Municipal Government support Henan University to establish the "Henan University Sanya Research Institute" in Yazhou Bei Science and Technology City, to take advantage of the six key national laboratories of Henan University in biological breeding, to participate in the construction of a national southern breeding base and train masters Developing PhD talent to facilitate the transformation of high-level research results. In addition, the provincial education department and Huawei have comprehensively established strategic cooperation and established close cooperation in the field of educational information technology consulting, educational research and educational information creation.


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