City of Sanya on Hainan Island, China will provide free offices and other benefits of high-tech companies

The number of information companies in Sanya City was 240 in 2018, 302 in 2019 and 412 at the end of November 2020, of which 14 are high-tech enterprises.


An important reason for the rapid growth of information technology companies is that Sanya Information Industry Park has introduced several new incubator platforms. Among them, TusStar (Sanya) Technology Business Incubator Co., Ltd. relies on the benefits and resources of Tsinghua Science Park TusStar Incubator in terms of investment, talent deployment, capital management and other aspects of the park, and adopts "Incubator + Technology Finance + Industry Innovation Base" as an example dedicated to promoting independent technology innovation in Sanya.


Sanya Municipal Government and China Accelerator have reached strategic cooperation to jointly build Sanya Technology, Tourism, Entertainment and Culture Accelerator, which aims to bring international projects, start-ups and global solutions to Sanya. Sanya often hosts online business exchange salons, tech lectures and other events to broaden horizons and provide ideas for corporate growth, as well as become a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, technology transformation, and talent growth.


Sanya Internet Information Industrial Park is located in the hinterland of Sanya, near Yalong Bay Scenic Area. The planned land area of ​​the park is 56.16 acres. The government is investing in the construction of a 42,000 square meter complex, including a 13,000 square meter first phase of a comprehensive incubation services center for entrepreneurs. Internet companies and entrepreneurial teams eligible to enter the park will be granted free office space of up to 10 square meters per capita for 3 years, as well as exemptions from real estate and broadband fees.


RMB 100 million in funding will be allocated annually to establish a special fund for the development of the Internet industry in Sanya and support through subsidies and incentives, support for start-ups, discounts on interest on loans and purchase of services. Currently, within the Sanya Internet Industry Park, the Sanya Big Data Center, the Sanya Internet Innovation Center and the Sanya Internet Industry Base were initially created, which united more than 400 companies and became a new base for the development of the Sanya digital economy. From January to November 2020, the park's production value exceeded 7 billion yuan.


The relevant person in charge of Sanya Information Industrial Park stated that the establishment of various favorable policies for the free trade port, especially access to a dedicated data channel on the Internet, will create a high-quality international communication business environment for the park and promote the development of international financial services and cross-border electronic commerce. The park will bring together export-oriented and innovative businesses such as software outsourcing and information services.


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