PU-invitation to China: how to get it (instruction)


The decision to issue a visa is made exclusively by Chinese consulates abroad, so check with the nearest Chinese consulate if you can get a visa after obtaining a PU and what type of visa you can apply for.


Letter of Invitation PU (请函) is a letter of invitation that the inviting organization must obtain from the respective Foreign Affairs Office (FFA) in order for the invitee to apply for a visa in the respective country outside of China. PU invitation is

a general invitation compared to a TE invitation, which is a special invitation to fairs or higher-level business trips.


Important points:

• The PU visa issuance location is fixed. Thus, the invitee must determine in advance the place of application for a visa.

• The maximum residence time for a PU can be from 88 to 180 days.

• In Beijing, some PUs are issued with a maximum stay of 000, which means that the invitee needs to apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entry

• A maximum of 5 dependents can be added to one PU

• The PU must have an issuance stamp in order to be valid.

Reasons for applying for PU: economic, trade, scientific and technical events, as well as cultural or sporting purposes.


Inviting person:

According to the law, the inviting person may be an administrative institution of any level, a public organization or an enterprise registered in


What departments in the host organization might be required to successfully apply for a PV?


-  Human Resources Department

- Accounting

- Legal Department

- Department of Health and Safety (recommended if exists).


Documents to apply for PU:

1. Written application from the employer (sample provided by the DIA)

Indicate the need, necessity and urgency of the invitation, the list of invitees (including name, department, position and specific relationship).

2. Application form (template provided by the DIA)

3. Information form (the template is provided by the DIA):

a) Name of inviting organization (in Chinese), physical address, contact name/contact

b) Applicant's name, nationality, passport number, date of birth, visa

c) Intended date of entry:

d) Length of stay: (up to 180 days)

e) Place of application for a visa: Country + city

f) Place of visit (an additional letter of permission from the UID county is required if the invitee plans to visit other provinces and cities)

g) Purpose:

• business visit / exchange visits

• family members

4. Form of reference information about the inviting organizations (the template is provided by the IID)

5. Scanned copy of the invitee's passport data page (valid for 6 months) and previous visa pages in China

6. If foreign family members are invited, it is also necessary to provide (notarized marriage certificate / birth certificate).

required data: name, gender, nationality, passport numbers, visa, location. Maximum 5 PU dependents.

7. When applying for an expedited procedure, please indicate in the application

8. The IID may request additional documents.


Documents for application for PU:

1. Business license

2. Basic information from the latest register of commercial organizations.

3. Form of customs declaration (or foreign contact card) of the inviting organization.

4. Warranty obligation of the inviting division, signed by an authorized person.

5. Identity cards of the authorized person of the inviting unit.

6. Certificate of no criminal record of the invitee

7. Tax certificate for the last year

8. Epidemic prevention and control plans of the inviting organization in the event that the invitee was infected (attention, field checks can be carried out)

9. A commitment signed by the invitee.

10. Additional materials may also be requested.

Note: the above materials must be signed and sealed by the responsible person.


Application process for PU Letter of Invitation:


1. Contact the consulate and make sure that the invited person will be able to get a visa if they have a PU.

2. The inviting person must submit an application to the district competent authorities that control his industry (Commission for Trade, Science and Technology,

Education Commission, etc.). This must be done in the area in which the inviting person is registered.

- Download the application form on the official website of the UID district.

3. The competent district authorities will forward the application to the District Office of Foreign Affairs (DFA). If the DIA district determines that the invitee is important to business operations, the DIA will notify the host organization and submit an application for execution. Be aware that the authorities may request permission to inspect the premises of the inviting organization.

4. The DIA district authorities will review the application and, if approved, issue

notification of a visa to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing and to the relevant Chinese consulate in the country of the invitee. The inviter will also receive a copy


5. The inviter must fax or scan a copy of this notice to the invitee, who will then present it to the local Chinese embassy or consulate for visa application. The notification will contain a barcode that gives the embassy or consulate access to all the information collected.

Please note, however, that additional information may still be required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or your local embassy or consulate.