Foreigner's Work Permit in China card: how to restore it yourself

In order to recover a lost card, it is necessary that a person who is certified by your company to work in the "Foreigner Work Permit Management System in China" file an application for the loss of the "Foreigner Work Permit" card online through this system, which has been in existence since 2021. new address:


Note: If this address is seen in your company for the first time, it means that your company no longer has the right to employ a foreigner and renew his "Work Permit", your company and an authorized person need to re-certify for admission to the system, re-certification mandatory for everyone from January 11, 2021, for the procedure for recertification, see another subblog of this Wechat blog.


After the authorized person of your company goes online to the "China Alien Work Management System". he must report the loss of the card "Work Permit for a Foreigner" and reissue: (Homepage -Replacement of the original) by filling in all the proposed fields in the online forms.


It is also possible for an authorized person from your company (with a power of attorney) to apply directly to 专局 (Office of Foreign Specialists Affairs) to apply for a reissue of the "Alien Work Permit" card.

If the card is simply damaged and not lost, you must present the original when applying for renewal.


 The order is as follows:

1. Fill out an application for renewal of a work permit for foreigners in China

2. Explain the loss or damage

3. Wait for 专局 to confirm that this is your own card.

4. Then you can apply, you will be given a deadline for consideration

5. At the appointed time, come for a new card


 The “Work Permit for a Foreigner” card contains a code, by scanning which you can get basic information about you, your employer, the term of the work contract, etc., this information must be printed to obtain a residence permit if you have a photo cards - print this information and attach it to the application