Introduced regional quarantine measures (control and testing) in Sanya, Hainan: from 17:00 April 2 to 24:00 April 5, 2022

Announcement of the Sanya Coronavirus Prevention and Control Headquarters (Announcement No. 13, 2022):

 The Prevention and Control Headquarters decided to conduct regional testing in the central part of the city of Sanya. The relevant questions are announced as follows:


1. Regional management and control. From 17:00 on April 2 to 24:00 on April 5, 2022, the downtown area (east of Maling, west of Yingbin Hutong, west of Zhuluoling Tunnel, south of G98 Expressway) will be under regional control, and all enterprises will be under regional control.


     Residents must only have a negative nucleic acid certificate within 24 hours or a record of taking nucleic acid on the same day (negative record of the previous day). According to the principle of “testing is mandatory, no one will be missed”, each round of regional nucleic acid testing will be carried out in accordance with the instructions.


2. In all communities (residential buildings) there is an access control regime. Each community (residential building) reserves only 1-2 entrances and exits. The security service is on duty 24 hours a day and the exit of personnel is prohibited, except for the necessary. Residents can go out for groceries once every two days with their pass. Those who order goods online will have the goods delivered to their homes by staff or volunteers.


3. With the exception of public utilities such as water supply, electricity, fuel, gas, communications, transport, sewage, grain, oil, meat and vegetables, which provide the life of citizens and the main activity of the city, other departments carry out shift work to reduce production or work from home.


4. Commercial activities. With the exception of supermarkets (including farmers' markets), pharmacies and catering establishments (providing only express delivery services) that cater to the daily needs of citizens, all other places of business are temporarily closed. Hotels, guest houses, etc. will be occupied and provide relevant services in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations.


5. Traffic management. With the exception of the G98 Expressway, roads to and from the city's central urban areas are temporarily controlled, and the passage of other vehicles is restricted unless they have a valid pass issued by the epidemic prevention and control command department. Interchanges of the G98 Expressway and other gates entering and exiting the Sanya Central Urban Area have set up public safety prevention and control points, and all vehicles entering and leaving the Sanya Central Urban Area will be checked. The movement of buses, trams, passenger trains, charter flights, cruise ships and yachts has been suspended.


6. Public activity. All personnel in the city must not organize or participate in any fundraising activities. On-site sacrifices and large-scale activities of the Qingming Festival are suspended, and it is prohibited to organize mass sacrifices, collective sacrifices, and various gathering sacrifices such as ancestral tombs, ancestral temples, and ancestral halls.


7. Medical insurance. Unblock the green channel to provide emergency medical care to citizens, especially pregnant women, hemodialysis, radiation and chemotherapy and other special patients. In the event of an emergency, you can seek help from the community as soon as possible or call the Citizens Hotline 12345.


8.Material support. Adopt multi-format and multi-mode, to ensure the supply of living materials, fully meet the daily needs of citizens, and ask the general public to rationally consume and buy in an orderly manner, so as to jointly maintain the stability and order of social life in the city.


The above management activities will be carried out from 17:00 on April 2, 2022 to 24:00 on April 5, 2022.


The current epidemic situation is serious and complex, and the requirements for prevention and control cannot be relaxed even for a moment. Requesting the public not to leave the city unnecessarily, raise awareness of epidemic prevention, abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, cooperate with the epidemic prevention leadership, insist on wearing masks, observe social distancing, practice personal hygiene, take the vaccination initiative, and be "the first person in charge » for your health. Those who violate the rules for epidemic prevention and control will be held legally liable in accordance with laws and regulations.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only, but before any use, be sure to check the official sources and call 0898-12345