An interactive online map of the spread of coronavirus in China with automatic updating has appeared on our website - a map, along with data and graphs for each province and city of China, can be seen on the main and other pages of our website that are dedicated to China.


We immediately consider it necessary to note that we and our company do not change or create data on this map, but with the help of a special program code, data is transmitted from a state source directly to our website, so that all foreigners in China always have the opportunity to receive accurate distribution data coronavirus in China, because of this, we left all the data in Chinese, as in the original, and did not translate the map and all data into Russian and English, although this can be done if necessary.


All data is displayed and changed in real time without our direct participation and any editing on our part.

When viewed on a mobile phone, then general data goes from top to bottom, then a geographical map of the spread of coronavirus, and then there is data on the provinces of China - click on the data and, without releasing your finger, drag it down - you will see all of the above.


If you look at a desktop computer - the time is indicated in the upper left corner, the total number of identified persons is indicated on the left, you can also see graphs of the spread of coronavirus there, and in the center there is a map of the provinces of China - click on the province you need and you will see the data you need for a particular province . On the right is a list of provinces in China with data on coronavirus in text format - scroll this list to the province you need. In the list of provinces, click on the province of your choice - you will see a list of cities in this province and the number of people infected with the coronavirus that was detected in each of these cities.


On the interactive map in the center, you can select the so-called focal visibility mode - where the cities of China with the largest number of infected will be immediately visible, you can also play back the record of the number of infections - by pressing the "play" button under this map and selecting the time interval you need - it will You can immediately see how the number of infected people has changed over time.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only, but before any use, be sure to check the official sources and call: your city code+12345