If you was suddenly notified about quarantine in China: what things to pack in advance and take to the quarantine hotel

Anyone can suddenly receive a quarantine notice if they are diagnosed with coronavirus, so it's best to pack a kit in advance that you will need during quarantine in China.


The Health  Commission has compiled a list of essential quarantine items for everyone. Be ready to respond calmly to emergencies in the epidemic, it is necessary to prepare a suitcase in advance and put things in it in advance so that you can take this suitcase and go into quarantine as soon as you receive a notification.


1. List of items provided by the centralized quarantine hotel

During the period of centralized isolation, all quarantined personnel will remain at home, except for the collection of nucleic acids, meals and garbage disposal.


Each quarantined person will be given a small disinfectant bottle, some disinfectant tablets, a thermometer, some plastic gloves, some bottled mineral water and some toilet paper.

Meals do not need to be cooked one by one, and the quarantine point will deliver three meals a day to each room.

The above items should be provided at the centralized isolation point, but just in case, it is recommended to prepare them yourself.


2. The most important thing to keep in mind:


* Identification

* Mask for the face

* Mobile phone (and charging cable, external battery)


3. Clothing

* Quarantine in winter at least 1 change of clothes, 3 pairs of underwear (you can buy disposables), 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of towels, warm indoor clothes (if necessary)

* Wear a warm jacket (the hotel's central air conditioning should not be turned on)

* 1 pair of mops (Hotel may not provide disposable supplies)

* 1 double flip flops (convenient to carry, wash your feet, take a bath)

*Recommended 1 pair of running shoes (for indoor training)


4. Food

* Instant noodles, savory and sweet snacks (when you check into a hotel, it may be too late to prepare a meal, snacks dispel boredom, and if there is not enough rice, you can also satisfy your hunger)

* Fruit (recommended citrus fruits, peeled and juicy, the hotel may not send fruits)

*Foods that improve taste (e.g. mustard, laoganma, olive vegetables, food may be unappetizing)

* Small electric pot (can boil water, boil noodles, reheat rice, serve as a bowl, need for insulation, if there is a steamer, it is better to reheat rice)

* Electric kettle (if you are worried that the hotel is dirty)

* 1 thermos (it's better to take a small cup with you, it's convenient to drink hot water and make tea)

* It is recommended to bring 1 pair of chopsticks (spoon and fork) and 1 bowl (reduce the use of disposable tableware, which is convenient for hot meals)

*It is recommended to bring 1 tea bag with you (need to freshen up during quarantine, but the hotel may have it)


5. Household items

* At least 3 hangers and small clips (round hangers are great for drying towels, clothes)

* You can bring 1 clothesline with you (there is not enough space in the hotel to hang wet clothes)

* It is recommended to bring your own sheets and duvet covers (if you are worried about the hotel being dirty)

* Daily skin care products (personal items for women during menstruation, etc.)

* Razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, tooth cup + 1 small bottle of facial cleanser + headband + shampoo + shower gel + hand soap (hotel may not provide)

* 1 bottle of dishwashing liquid + sponge-brush (for washing dishes)

* 1 small bottle of washing powder, 1 small basin (hotel washbasin may not be suitable for washing tight clothes)

* 1 pack of transferable paper/roll paper (roll paper is convenient for toilet pads, the hotel may have a limited supply of paper towels)

* 1 small hair dryer (may not be provided by the hotel or not clean)

* 1 small roll of trash bag (for dirty clothes, hotel trash can be changed once a day, may not be enough)

* It is not recommended to turn on air conditioners and exhaust fans in the bathrooms, and in the summer to bring your own microfans.


6. Entertainment and sports

* Laptop/tablet, etc. (can be used for entertainment and fitness if there is a screen conversion converter)

* Charging, battery (may wait a long time on the way to isolation)

* Headphones (can be isolated, immerse yourself, do not disturb others)

* It is recommended to bring small fitness items with you (such as elastic belts, balance pads, etc. During the isolation period, you need to exercise to keep people happy and digest food)

* It is recommended to bring a small extension cord with you (it will be more convenient to use electrical appliances)

* If there is a child, please bring those toys that he wants to bring (children are more afraid of anxiety than adults)


7. Protective gear

* At least 14 masks (Must wear masks when opening the door to eat, take body temperature and collect nucleic acids)

* 1 bottle of sterilizing alcohol or several sterilizing cotton wipes (for disinfecting mobile phones, remote controls, toilet bowls, door handles, etc.)

* Hand sanitizer (can be used on the way to quarantine)

* Electronic thermometer (you can measure body temperature when you are worried)

*These items are mainly used for disinfection and sterilization in private areas. The isolation point will give you a table indicating the place, frequency and time of sterilization.


8. Medicines

* Medicines that need to be taken for a long time (People who have chronic diseases or need to take medicines for a long time due to other conditions should prepare enough medicines in advance)

* Antiallergic medicine

*Some commonly used emergency medicines such as patches, iodine swabs, pain relievers, constipation medicines, diarrhea medicines

* If you have a serious illness during the period of centralized isolation, you must go to the hospital for treatment through the hotel staff.

* If you have had any special illnesses in the past, you can also reduce some of the problems by preparing a diagnosis report, medical records, and laboratory tests.


9. Personal hobbies

It's also important to keep a good mood during quarantine, and purchasing these upgrades will help keep you from getting bored.

* Books (not everywhere there is a good network, at this time the book is the most primitive remedy for boredom)

* Lightweight sports equipment such as a skipping rope

*Some people may have trouble sleeping due to the change of scenery. It may be helpful to prepare these things: ear plugs, eye masks, pillows that you are used to.