Why asymptomatic and infected with COVID-19 can not be quarantined at home

The head of the National Commission for Health and Medicine's team of experts on combating the coronavirus epidemic, noted in Shanghai that asymptomatic and infected with COVID-19 cannot be sent to home quarantine because if asymptomatic patients are isolated at home, this could cause further large-scale transmission of Omicron. Moreover, home isolation cannot track and timely detect the progress of an infected person, so they cannot be treated in time. Therefore, centralized isolation is required for those infected.


First of all, due to China's implementation of the "Dynamic Zero Purge" epidemic prevention policy, high self-discipline requirements are placed on infected people under home quarantine. Second, isolating infected people at home can lead to cross-infection among those who live with them, including the elderly and children. Thirdly, the household waste of infected people requires specialized professional treatment. Fourth, due to limited living conditions, there may be problems with the ventilation of some buildings and there is the possibility of aerosol transfer.