The joint innovation center Hainan NetEase is represented in Hainan ecological program park on the island of Hainan, China

This morning, the Hainan NetEase joint innovation center was officially opened in Hainan Ecological Park, and at the same time the competition of entrepreneurs Netease China Entrepreneur 2018 was launched.
The combined innovation center Hainan NetEase is an incubator and accelerator jointly developed by the provincial trade department for the implementation of Netease and the leading outsourcing enterprises in Hainan.

The center is focused on the outsourcing of One Belt and One Road services, innovation and entrepreneurship. It will integrate new Internet technologies, such as Netease cloud computing, large data and artificial intelligence, as well as the advantages of industrial resources in game development and the media, and combine the development of various industries in Hainan.

Head of the Joint Innovation Center Hainan NetEase said: "We provide a full range of innovative and innovative services through the" 3 + N "expansion system, which attracts all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of animation games, e-commerce, cultural creativity, cloud computing, large data and artificial intelligence. Talents and enterprises have joined the Hainan Netease Joint Innovation Center to accelerate the development and increase the impact of outsourcing services and innovation and entrepreneurship in Hainan. "

According to reports, in 2018, the joint innovation center Hainan NetEase will receive industrial and commercial registration materials submitted by 20 enterprises, more than 20 statements of intent in the enterprise and 1,500 software outsourcing employees.