The trading platform of Hainan Stock Exchange "HAYHUIIN" was successfully registered on the island of Hainan, China

A few days ago, Hainan HAYHUIIN share exchange officially received certificates for the registration of trademarks 35, 36, 41 and 42 issued by the Office of Trademarks of the State Administration of Industry and Trade of China. This marks the recognition and protection of the trade mark "HAYHUIIN" by the State Administration of Industry and Trade of China.

"HAYHUIIIN" is a comprehensive financial platform for Hainan Island, established by the Hainan City Exchange Center, which was established in late 2016. The platform has a professional risk management system, a strict mechanism for reviewing products and convenient third-party payment channels. Investors provide a variety of investment products to their users with unique and high-quality products and services in Hainan.

The corresponding person in charge of the Hainan Share Exchange Center stated that the successful registration of the trademark "HAYHUIIN" indicates that the Hainan Share Exchange Center has received the exclusive right to a trademark and is protected by law, therefore it is very important to give recognition and protection, to update the brand of the next platform, keep the name of the platform and expand the impact of the platform.

The share exchange center will use this as an opportunity to explore the more characteristic and high-quality products of Hainan Island for the majority of HAIKHUIIN users and provide investors with better investment products and better financial services.