Hainan Island, China ranks first in the list of "the most popular provinces of 2018 during the summer holidays" in China

Yesterday, the "Report on the forecast of large data on summer tourism in 2018", jointly released by the Chinese Research Institute of Tourism and Ctrip Travel Big Data Joint Lab, showed that Hainan is on the list of "the most popular provinces in the summer holidays."

First, it has become the most popular province, in recent years, with the continued increase in the number of tourists in Hainan Province and the promotion of tourism combined with the arrival of international large tourist complexes, colorful tourist products appear one after another, attracting more and more tourists to summer vacations on Hainan.

A special promotional conference for tourism on the island of Hainan, held in Nanjing, ignited the many aspirations and enthusiasm of Nanjing residents for the summer holidays in Hainan.
In the summer in Hainan is not as hot as people think. The average temperature in the province from June to August is 26 ° C-29 ° C. At the same time, the coverage ratio of forests on the Hainan Island is 61.9%, and the negative oxygen ions in the air are high. "Natural oxygen bar" is good for health ".

Sun Ying of the Provincial Tourism Commission told reporters that in recent years, with the joint efforts of the tourism industry, "a cool summer, a holiday in Hainan" made a deep impression on many people. Visitors have already felt that it is also a good choice to go to Hainan to escape from the heat.

It used to be popular in winter to go to Hainan to avoid the hustle and bustle. Now it is popular to go to Hainan to avoid the heat in the summer. Some hotel rooms were constantly filled, mainly from guests from high-temperature summer cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, etc. "

Reporters, tourists who decided to go to Hainan this year, mainly from the hot northern cities and high-temperature areas in the south. Four types of summer vacations are most popular: one - in the hotel pool, another - lying on the beach and swimming in the sea, the third - to participate in water sports, and the fourth - to enjoy the summer rainforest.

According to the "Report on the forecast of large data on summer tourists in 2018", from the current information on the summer subscription, the proportion of children was the highest, accounting for 58%. To meet the market demand, more and more hotels, scenic spots and other travel companies in Hainan study a variety and differentiated products for children.

Hainan integrates the benefits of resources and creates summer tourism products "cold summer and holiday on the island of Hainan." Every city and county breaks down
administrative border and develops tourist packages. It gradually forms a new development of tourist
resources from coast to mountains.

Combining with natural advantages, all cities and counties in our province are actively making efforts to study high-quality products for summer recreation and create a diversified structure. All cities and counties have unique characteristics and have launched a series of tourism products, such as coastal resorts, recreation and recreation, forest ecology, beautiful villages, festivals and weddings, as well as weddings. Sun Ying believes that Hainan passed strict control, a standardized market, rich products and accurate advertising and other initiatives aimed at helping travel to Hainan, gradually become a brand.