Transfer to another place of work in China: instructions for registration

A "Work permit for foreigners" is a legal document allowing foreigners to work in China.

When foreigners change jobs, they must simultaneously apply for a transfer of work permit for foreigners. If the place of work has been changed, but the work permit has not been changed, and it does not meet the requirements for foreigners to work in China, it will be considered illegal employment.


Therefore, if you work in a company that is located in city A, and you yourself are in city B, then you have the right to be in city B in China only if your company either has a branch in city B, or the company sent you to city B on a business trip, subject to the execution of all related documents.

Otherwise, you need to leave the old company and find a job in a new company in the city where you live.


The procedure for transferring to another job looks like this: your old company must cancel your work permit online in the 外国专家局 system (since 2021 located at: and then issue you a certificate of cancellation of a work permit and only after that you can find a job in a new company, where the new company creates a new application for obtaining a work permit for you in this company online in the system for obtaining a permit to hire a foreigner to work at: https:/ /


 Otherwise, the system of the Office of Foreign Professionals will automatically block the applicant, which will prevent him from applying for a new "Work Permit", it usually takes 10-15 business days to approve an application for a new "Work Permit".

In accordance with the aforementioned procedure and regulations, the process of transferring a foreigner from company A to company B is as follows:

1) cancellation of work permit in company A: about 5-10 working days

2) apply for a work permit in company B: about 10-15 business days

Thus, due to such a time between the cancellation of the old work permit and the receipt of a new work permit, it is impossible to achieve a quick transfer of a foreigner to a new job due to the established approval time.

 Moreover, when you get a new work permit, you need to apply for a new residence permit in order to work, so the transition period usually takes about 1 month.


The official date of your dismissal is given in 职证明 (Certificate of Dismissal) and not in 销证 (Certificate of Cancellation) which will be issued to you later, so within 10 days you must cancel your visa and apply for a one-month humanitarian visa (人道).

You do not need any documents other than registration at your address in China and 职证明 (Resignation Certificate) for such a visa, the basis for a visa is dismissal from work, and China gives you a month to look for a new job.


After receiving the Certificate of Dismissal, the process of re-registration for a new job is similar to the usual process of employment in China: signing a new work contract, uploading your data and documents to the system for obtaining a work permit for a foreigner at: .cn/lhgzweb, obtaining a work permit, obtaining a visa, while in the same city they do not require a new medical certificate and a certificate of good conduct if their validity has not expired


All of the above work can only be performed by persons who officially have the authority from your old and new companies to deal with your dismissal and employment, the employee himself generally does not have the rights and, accordingly, the password to access the system to obtain permission to hire a foreigner to work at: https ://, therefore, the employee himself cannot fire and employ himself, the employee must only provide the originals of all documents to the new company, and they can employ and dismiss a foreign employee without his direct participation, through filing applications with system for obtaining a permit to hire a foreigner to work