How to get health codes for all family members on one phone number on passports of foreigners without a Chinese ID: on the example of Hainan Province, China

Foreigners in China recently often report that they are unable to link their family members to their health code - when linking a close relative to a health code, an 18-digit Chinese ID number is required, which a foreigner cannot have at all.


Indeed, if you open the most famous Wichat mini-program "Health Code" (海易), the icon of which is a blue ball with a yellow lightning, register in it, then when you try to add close relatives to your health code, you will be asked for an 18-digit Chinese number ID card and it is not possible to change the type of document to a foreign passport, as there is only one choice - PRC Identity Card (身份).


But there are several ways to link your close relatives and get separate health codes for them, using just one Chinese phone number for one family member.


Let's consider the first of these methods, for this we will use not the well-known Wichat "Health Code" (海易) mini-program, the icon of which is a blue ball with a yellow lightning, to get the code, but the regional health code program, for example, in Hainan province such the regional Wechat health code mini-program is called Hainan Health Treasure (海南健康宝).


For this:

1. Open your Wechat, select the Miniprograms section (in the Discovery section) and insert 海南健康宝 into the search for WeChat miniprograms


2. As a result of the search, you will see the WeChat mini-program 海南健康宝- yellow-green icon with a palm tree, click on this icon


3. The Wichat mini-program 海南健康宝 opens and in the middle you see the "+" icon - add, click, you will be asked for permission to transfer your data, confirm all requests, then the mini-program returns to the main page again


4. Again, click on the Add ("+") icon and this time the page for filling in information opens to receive a health code for an individual family member


5. Fill out the page with all the data of an individual family member (last name and first name, gender, select a foreign passport and indicate the number, age, registration address in China (city, district, exact address)), after all, at the very end, press the blue button and that's it - this family member receives his own separate health code, which looks slightly different from the health code in the Wechat mini-program "Health Code" (海易), but this health code in Hainan province was accepted by the anti-epidemic service staff in the same way as the health code from the Wechat mini-program "Health Code" (海易) - they scanned it and all the data was also revealed to them.

In addition, on the main page of the WeChat Widget 海南健康宝, next to the Add ("+") icon, a new icon with the name of this family member appears on the right.


6 Repeat the above steps 4 and 5 for each family member, all family members will eventually receive a separate health code tied to one phone, which was created using only their passport data.


In Hainan province, foreigners linked all their close relatives in this way and received health codes for one phone number and foreign passports, and other provinces in China have similar regional health code programs that work in a similar way, and in which the health code for each family member can be get using the above algorithm, for example, try to indicate the name of your province instead of the province of Hainan in 海南健康宝, and be sure to check by phone: your city code +12345

Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only, but before any use, be sure to obtain new information from official sources and by phone: your city code +12345