Regional quarantine measures (management and control) extended until 24:00 on April 8, 2022 in Sanya, Hainan

Although these measures are described in relation to the city of Sanya, but a similar procedure is in place in other cities of China, where similar regional control and prevention measures have been introduced, be sure to find out the details by phone: your city code +12345


   Announcement of the Sanya Coronavirus Prevention and Control Headquarters (Announcement No. 21, 2022).

According to changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation in Sanya, in order to continue to carry out epidemic prevention and control work and carefully and block the transmission channels of the epidemic, reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic, and effectively protect the life and health of the population:


1. Regional management and control. Deadline extended from 24:00 April 5, 2022 to 24:00 April 8, and the central city area (east of Maling, west of Yingbin Interchange, west of Zhuluoling Tunnel, south of G98 Expressway) retains regional control . All enterprises and institutions, public places, settlements (villages, residential buildings), etc. must have a negative test result valid within 24 hours or a nucleic acid sampling act on the same day


2. Control measures for public administration, urban operation, commercial activities, traffic control, public activities, medical security, material security, etc. are still carried out in accordance with the Sanya Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters (Announcement No. 13, 2022) and will be dynamically adjusted in the future to take into account the changing situation in the field of epidemic prevention and control.

The specific controls are as follows:

1. Control measures "zone closed, stay at home and door-to-door service" are implemented in the closed control zone.

2. In the control zone, control measures “do not leave the territory and strictly prohibit gatherings” are implemented.

3. In the prevention zone, control measures are being taken to "strengthen public control and strictly limit crowds."


Citizens and tourists are asked to continue to raise awareness of epidemic prevention, take tests on time, follow epidemic prevention rules, cooperate with epidemic prevention guidelines, insist on wearing masks, observe social distancing, and pay attention to personal protective equipment.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only, but before any use, be sure to obtain new information from official sources and by phone: your city code +12345