'Russian beauty' account gains millions of followers but was banned by Douyin for creating a fake identity

Recently, the account @罗斯娜娜 suddenly became popular on the Douyin network. In the video, a girl with a “Russian face” spoke poor “Russian-Chinese”, sometimes sang, sometimes engaged in “popularization of science”, and eventually gained several million subscribers on Douyin.


But soon, Douyin officially released the "Anti-Fake Account Fighting Announcement", pointing out that 4 accounts, including @罗斯娜娜, abused platform credentials and faked identities, for which they were given a permanent ban.


As for the “platform props abuse” mentioned in the announcement, it is possible that it was “AI-assisted face-swapping,” that is, replacing other people’s faces with their own using artificial intelligence technology. Some people have also pointed out that it might be some kind of special effect that Douyin comes with that can change people's facial features and outlines into foreigners - and the use of this special effect has resulted in such a fake personality being created.


 An user explained in his video how a 100% Chinese person could create such a fake foreign persona using publicly available special effects for video processing.


Douyin reported that fake accounts are a common method of fraud and such behavior violates the relevant agreements of the Douyin platform, to this end, Douyin Security Center has blocked all accounts that even remotely used this “Russian beauty” name: “***********“***娜娜


Douyin promised to intensify the fight against false identities, as according to a video published by Bloomberg, technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to fully reproduce another person's facial expression in motion in a video.