User IP addresses will be shown on Chinese social networks from the end of April 2022

In order to maintain a lawful and orderly communication atmosphere and to reduce the spread of rumors and false messages, Douyin plans to display the IP address of users' accounts on the personal homepage and other places from the end of April 2022. This practice of displaying the IP address of users will gradually be launched in other scenarios according to the social situation.


In addition to Douyin and Toutiao, other platforms including Kuaishou, Zhihu and Baijiahao have also released announcements that features such as displaying the author's IP address and displaying the user's IP location will be launched, according to Chinese media.


 The account IP address displayed on the platform is the network location of the last login, and it is displayed in the province (region, city) domestically and displayed in the country (region) overseas. Account IP address attribution depends on the information provided by the operator and does not support manual opening or closing.


Previously, in March 2022, Weibo announced the imminent launch of the "user profile page showing the location of the latest messages" feature, which will add "local IP" information to the "profile page - personal information".