Wechat: how to make it harder to steal money when transferring money via WeChat

WeChat is one of our frequently used tools when paying for goods and services. In order to facilitate mobile payment, we usually link a bank card to WeChat, but once you link a bank card to WeChat, please remember to change the settings of the function below, otherwise your money may be transferred to other people by mistake or intentionally.


To do this, first of all, open the WeChat "Services" settings page, where there is [Money] and [Wallet], then click [three small dots] in the upper right corner.


By clicking on it, you will see a list of settings, where click "Transfer Time", after that, instead of the "Immediate" value, which is the default, select "after 2 hours" or "after 24 hours".


After completing the setup, click [Done]. The next time you transfer money to a friend, it must be within the time you specified (2 or 24 hours).


Why should it be changed to "2 hours" or "24 hours" instead of "immediately"? Because if our WeChat account is accidentally stolen or the mobile phone is accidentally lost, then it will take 2 hours or 24 hours for the money transfer to reach the other party's account, and you will have time to contact customer service or call the police to return your funds.