Taobao payment via WeChat: instructions for the main payment methods

Over the past two days, a number of WeChat groups in Chinese have posted screenshots of users claiming to have been able to pay for orders at Taobao online store via WeChat.

According to screen shots of netizens later shown by many media outlets, on the Taobao order page, some users saw "WeChat scan code payment" and "Go to WeChat to find a friend to help me pay."


Among them, "pay by WeChat scan code" is different from direct access or transition. In the order submission interface, users need to pay for WeChat using the QR code provided by Taobao. In the first step, the user must take a screenshot to save the WeChat payment code. The second step is to send a screenshot to WeChat, the third step is to identify the QR code, and the fourth step is to complete the payment.


In addition, there is another payment method - "WeChat asks a friend to pay for me" means sending a payment link to a WeChat friend for payment.

It should be noted that this feature is still in internal testing at this time and only a few users will be able to see it.


On March 27, a Beijing Daily reporter reported that he opened the Taobao order payment page, but did not find the WeChat payment code entry. However, among the four payment channels currently supported, Alipay payment, Huabei installment, asking a friend to pay for help, the reporter noticed that in the "find a friend to pay for help" payment method, you can copy the payment link and send the WeChat link , QQ Friends, where the other party can pay for the order directly on WeChat.


“I think this is an important development in the relationship of payments between the two giants. Tencent's payment products can enter the Ali ecosystem, and WeChat payments have expanded into an important online e-commerce scene, which will be helpful in reducing merchant transaction costs and user convenience,” commented a senior financial industry analyst at Broadcom Consulting.


Back in July 2021, it was reported that Tencent and Ali are developing an interoperability plan: Tencent will allow the sharing of Ali-related e-commerce information with WeChat, and Ali will introduce Tencent's WeChat payments to Taobao and Tmall.


Earlier, in September 2021, Ali Group reported that, Youku, Damai, Kaola Haigou, Shuqi, and other Ali apps were connected to WeChat payments. In addition, Taote, Xianyu, Hema and other applications have also applied for WeChat payment access and are awaiting WeChat's review.