WeChat: How to send large videos (over 25MB) and files over 100MB in WeChat

When you use WeChat, you usually focus on the chat, but when it comes to the need to transfer files, you have a problem, because WeChat cannot transfer files larger than 100MB, and videos can only transfer up to 25MB, which clearly cannot satisfy needs.


Method 1: Change the suffix

This method can send large video (more than 25MB) to WeChat. When WeChat sends a large video (more than 25MB), it can only be sent after the image quality has been compressed. Below you will learn how to send without image quality compression.


A common video format is mp4, but you'll rename it and change the mp4 suffix to m4v so the file can be sent normally.


Method 2: Change the batch file suffix

When we need to change the suffixes of files in batches, it is unrealistic to rename and change them one by one, then we use Quick Video Converter to convert mp4 files to m4v files in batches, and save and send them in a unified way.


Method 3: Send a file

The iOS version of WeChat supports sending large files, click the + sign in the upper right corner of WeChat and select the send function [File]. Files currently supported are chat recording files, files in collections, mobile photo albums, and iCloud.

Currently, the upper size limit for content sent by iOS via Files is 200MB.


Method 3: Compress and send files

Files can be compressed and sent. If you use a compression program (archiver), you can directly compress a large file and share it with your friends.