Creating WeChat groups with unlimited members and unlimited codes: how to quickly attract new customers on WeChat

Usually, to attract new members to Wechat groups, online and offline events are held to attract new members by sending personal invitations or posting codes to join Wechat groups. The creator or administrator of a Wechat group posts the group's QR code to online and offline channels in a variety of ways, and then asks members to scan the code to join the group.


The problem is that a normal group QR code always has a total number of people limit and the code will be invalid after 7 days. If the group is full or the QR code has expired, we need to update a new group QR code, which is undoubtedly a very troublesome job, and therefore often results in new members refusing to enter the group.


In addition, the problem is that the total number of members in the group should not exceed 500 people, of which only 200 people can be invited by code.


So how can we deal with this problem?

There is a way. But here it is necessary to use not ordinary Wichat groups, but Wechat groups for commercial purposes, where you can also create group Wechat chats and which can be easily distinguished from ordinary Wechat groups by a special sign in the form of a circle at the end of the name of such a Wechat group.


In commercial WeChat groups, the validity of the QR code is unlimited and there is no upper limit on the number of people who can join such a Wechat group.

In addition, this function can also accumulate customers more conveniently and efficiently. Customers can also scan the code to add an employee's corporate WeChat and then join the group.