WeChat: How to unblock WeChat without the help of friends

Currently, unblocking through friends is the most widely used method on WeChat, as well as the simplest and most straightforward method. However, this method is not currently the only method, if help from friends did not help or there is no help, other methods can be used to solve the problem.


Method 1: Apply for verification

If you are blocked by mistake, after confirming that you have no violations, you can submit feedback and sign a letter of commitment to unblock your account. If you have been blocked, do not worry, when you confirm your identity and the absence of malicious actions in your behavior, then the WeChat support service will unblock you, but if there is a violation, that is, you have committed an illegal act, for example, you were engaged in illegal trading, money transfer, etc. ., then this method is not applicable.


Method 2: If you made one mistake out of ignorance, then sign a letter of commitment and promise not to repeat it again.

This unlock type is not available for all account types. If your account interface has a prompt such as "sign a letter of commitment", you can sign a letter of commitment to unlock your account, but be careful as This method can only be applied once. Therefore, you must be patient, clearly see all the options that are suitable for your case and the description of your error, and select the correct one, and then click Submit.