Wechat: how to recover deleted files in WeChat

What to do if the necessary files are lost? When you try to use the file a second time, the file is corrupted or does not exist. How to recover deleted files in WeChat, is there a way to get them back? The answer is yes, there are 2 ways to recover deleted WeChat files.


Method 1: View Deleted Files in WeChat on Computer

When using WeChat on a computer, if you enable the WeChat data sync option on your mobile phone, you can receive files from WeChat on your computer.

Step 1: After logging into WeChat, search for [Chat File] on the app bar on the left;

Step 2: After switching to the new interface, you can browse through all the files and find the desired file through the search box on the top or the file size.



Method 2: Data Recovery Software for Deleted Files (Download from any Chinese app store)

If you tried the first method to find the file you want to recover but still can't find it, how to recover a file deleted by WeChat? We can use professional data software to recover deleted files How to recover deleted files with professional WeChat data software? First, your mobile phone will be fully scanned. Once the scan is completed, you will be able to view the deleted files and recover.


Step 1: Use the prepared USB data cable to connect your phone to the computer, and click the [Start Scan] button;

Step 2: After entering the scan phase, it will take some time to wait for the scan result;

Step 3: After the scan is completed, go down the app bar on the left to find [WeChat Attachments] and click it, you will see the files you have deleted, mark the files you want to recover, and click [Recover] in the bottom right.