Buying expired goods: how consumers can protect their rights

The store was fined one million yuan for using expired ingredients. Recently, a store in Shanghai used expired food raw materials and expired products by counterfeiting, replacing and tearing up the expiration date labels of finished food raw materials.
And this is not the first time that stores in China have faced a problem. So, how should consumers protect their rights if they buy expired products?

According to Article 148 of the China Food Safety Law, consumers who suffer damage to food that does not meet food safety standards can claim damages from the operator or manufacturer.
Manufacturers and operators who receive compensation claims from consumers should implement a first-responsibility system, pay first, without evasion; if this is the responsibility of the manufacturer, the operator has the right to recover from the manufacturer after payment of compensation; if it is the responsibility of the operator, the manufacturer must compensate and after that he has the right to demand compensation from the operator.

In the case of the production of food that does not meet food safety standards, or the handling of food that does not meet food safety standards, consumers may, in addition to claiming damages, also require the manufacturer or operator to pay ten or three times the price