Airlines warn about fake websites, that sell air tickets to various destinations

The huge cost of air tickets to China and Asian countries attracted professional Internet scammers, in connection with this, airlines began to warn about the appearance of fake websites selling air tickets to various destinations.


Thus, the largest airline in Russia, Aeroflot, warns passengers about fake Internet sites that copy the design of the airline's official portal (


Travelers who try to purchase transportation on such websites inevitably fall prey to scammers.


According to Aeroflot, the online purchase of air travel on a fake website ends with one of the following scenarios:

money is debited from a bank card, the passenger does not receive a ticket;

Funds are not debited, but the passenger's card details become known to criminals and are subsequently used by them for personal purposes.


A fraudulent site is easy to recognize by three signs: a distorted domain name (“aerсflot”, “areoflot”, etc.), a fresh domain registration date (the site creation date can be checked through a special online service ( /whois/)), ticket prices are too low.


Aeroflot recommends that you exercise care and caution when booking and paying for air tickets through unverified websites, social media accounts, and also if you resort to the help of unauthorized individuals.


Aeroflot recommends that passengers who have purchased transportation on third-party services check the ticket and the correct cost applied when issuing travel documents using the online service “Booking Management ( ru#/search?_k=wby289)" on the Aeroflot website.


A similar procedure for checking airline websites is applicable when buying tickets to China and other Asian countries, not only from Russia, but also from other countries in Europe and the world.