2020 International Flower Tourism Festival takes place in Sanya, Hainan, China

In Sanya, Hainan, China, the first International Festival of Flower Tourism is held on the theme "Flower Chinese Dream, a blossoming new era", and the main venue is in the picturesque place of Sanya. The Flower Tourism Festival consists of six main parts: International Flower Exhibition Area, Indoor Flower Exhibition Area, Flower Tourism Cultural Market Exhibition Area, Flower Landscape Exhibition Area, Flower Photography Exhibition Area and Flower Disciplinary Study Area.


 Sanya's first International Flower Tourism Festival continued discounts for Hainan residents - until February 29, 2020, Hainan residents can still use 45 yuan / person discount tickets to enter the park, Hainan locals who have one of three ID cards , social security card and residence permit may enjoy a discount.


 It is reported that for the convenience of citizens, students and tourists, to enjoy the flowers and landscapes, during the event you can take the bus number 25 and number 30 near the venue.


The organizers of this event did not provide an opportunity for HAINANWEL.COM representatives to attend this event for free, and for our own money we are not able to buy tickets and give more details about this event, post photos and videos.


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