Waste City Conference held in Sanya, Hainan, China

On the morning of December 10, 2019, under the auspices of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, a two-day experimental conference on propaganda “City without waste” in 2019 was organized in Sanya, organized by the Sanya Municipal People's Government and the Department of Ecology and Environment of Hainan Province.


 About 200 people, including the respective leaders of the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment, the pilot cities and regions of China building a “non-waste city”, and relevant experts and scientists in the field of building a “non-waste city” came together to discuss the path of building a “non-waste city” in Sanya .


At the promo meeting, experts, scientists, representatives of cities and business representatives in the construction of a “waste-free city” made suggestions and proposals for pilot work on the construction of a “waste-free city”. Yu Jun, deputy director of the Center for Ecological Development of the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment, explained in detail the “National Integrated Services Platform for Transforming Scientific and Technological Advances in the Ecological Environment” and its role in the construction of a “waste city”.


Professor Li Jinhui and Professor Liu Jianguo of Tsinghua University, Guo Zhanqiang, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Association of the Circular Economy, and Huang Tsifei, researcher of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, have systematically analyzed the advanced and applicable technologies for building “non-waste cities” in industries , life, agriculture and hazardous waste. The four pilot cities Sanya, Shaoxing, Tonglin and Xuzhou shared their experience in pilot construction. At the same time, a column was launched to demonstrate and promote the “City without Waste” technologies.


At the end of April 2019, the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment announced 11 cities, including the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province and 5 districts, including the new Xionan District of Hebei Province, as pilot projects for the construction of a “waste city”. As the first pilot city to build a “waste-free city” in Hainan, Sanya began with propaganda and education to do a good job of reducing household waste, with the goal of building clean beaches, creating non-waste ecological islands and promoting the development of the park. Five aspects, such as quality recycling, strengthening pollution control of agriculture through the creation of ecological agriculture, and focusing on creating a waste-free city with a waste-free culture as a starting point, are actively promoting pilot work.


The relevant person in charge stated that in the next step, Sanya would take on the pilot project for the construction of a “waste-free city” as a starting point for creating government-departmental collaboration between departments, a corporate body and public participation in a multi-managing solid waste structure. The construction of industrial parks, the intelligent supervision of solid waste and the construction of an international exchange of efforts have transformed Sanya into a model city for the construction of a “waste city”.


During the meeting, the main guests and representatives visited the industrial park of the circular economy of Sanya and the island of Wujizhou, a representative of the non-waste islands. According to reports, the solid waste recycling project, currently owned by the industrial park of the circular economy, initially provided harmless treatment and disposal of household waste, kitchen waste, construction waste, medical waste, etc. And will further enhance the harmlessness of household waste. The level of capacity to clean the environment and use resources effectively satisfies the need for household waste in Sanya.


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