China Commercial Aerospace and Commercial Aerospace Alliance 2020 Annual Meeting

The first annual meeting of the Commercial Space Industry Alliance took place in Haikou, Hainan Island. The industry alliance is jointly initiated by six divisions, including China Aerospace Foundation, China Huateng Industry Co., Ltd., China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd., China Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd., Future Travel (Hainan) Aerospace Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Tianfeng Securities. Following the vote, a number of commercial aerospace companies became board members and members of the alliance.


The Commercial Aerospace Industry Alliance established under the leadership of the National Administration of Defense Science and Industry of China (National Space Administration) with the aim of "focusing on commercial aerospace, industrial resource docking, market environment optimization and joint innovation services" will be broadly allied with commercial aerospace market participants for services Member units provide service assurances such as collecting industry information and in-depth analysis, organizing commercial aerospace planning, researching policies, standards and regulations, and providing alliance members with information interpretation, information release, certification assistance, industry docking, international cooperation, development planning and other services.


According to the plan, the alliance plans to create an aerospace integration committee or joint body that will bring together aerospace engineering, life sciences and biotechnology cross-collaboration, integrate applications for aerospace technology, healthcare, construction and information technology, and promote aerospace culture, science fiction, Integration of education, cultural creativity and exhibition experience creates new developments and realizes the integration, complementarity and parallel development of such industries as medicine, education, entertainment, the industrial Internet, big data, new aerospace materials and technology transformation, as well as the use of their derivatives.


At this annual meeting, the Wenchang International Space City Administration also signed agreements with 7 divisions, including Beijing Institute of Strength and Environment, Northwestern Polytechnic University, etc., as well as with Future Journey (Hainan) Aerospace Culture Media Co., Ltd. ... and Beijing Aikong Space Technology Development Co., Ltd. Five other divisions have signed a trilateral agreement to further strengthen cooperation and ties with aerospace businesses.


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