Qionghai and Boao fight for leadership in tourism in Hainan, China with Sanya and Haikou

Following the Summit of the Boao Health Center, the Boao Forum and other high-level forums in international industry, another high-profile industry forum was held in Qionghai.


 In recent years, Qunhai has developed the medicine and healthcare industry, used the Boao brand to build the capital of an international conference, and used the possibility of creating a Hainan free trade zone and building a free trade port, and also created a more open and international industrial system to form a comprehensive new open system, which contributes to the high-quality, high-level development of the economy.


The Boao Duty Free Store opened on January 19, 2019, filling a historic gap in Qionhai without duty-free shopping. During the annual conference 2019 Boao Asian Forum, visitors to duty-free shops appreciated its performance.


42,000 sq. M. Boao Duty Free Shop m introduced nearly 200 world-famous brands covering 38 categories of duty-free goods, including perfumes, cosmetics, bags, watches, jewelry and food.


Qionghai Meiling Lake Holiday Resort opened on March 31, 2019, this is the first resort hotel of the InterContinental Hotels Group brand in Qinghai. After visiting Baishilin Tourism Zone A Russian tourist who stayed at the hotel said: “I really like the city of Qunhai. Here are beautiful landscapes, wellness programs.".


There are hundreds of Taiwanese businessmen in Qionghai, and the accumulated investment has reached more than 600 million yuan. We believe Boao has a great future, said Chen Ruiming, president of Taiwan-sponsored Zunhai Enterprise Association.


He Qiunmei, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Qionghai, said that Qiunhai has created high standard and high quality for the construction of Boao City exploring the integration of localization and internationalization and striving to make people feel the “international norm” of the national public diplomatic base in the city of Boao.


Thanks to the successful creation of the pastoral city of Boao and the Boao Forum for Asia, Qinghai is becoming increasingly attractive in the international conference industry and exhibitions. Over the past two years, the quantity, scale, and quality of the Zionhai Exhibition and Exhibition Industry have been greatly improved. In 2018, Qunhai held a total of 394 meetings with 167,000 people, including 35 meetings for more than 1,000 people. Exhibition industry revenue was about 200 million yuan. In the first half of 2019, more than 40% of the gatherings of more than 1,000 people in Hainan were held in Boao.  


 Medical institutions have consistently settled in the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Development Zone, which promotes rapid development Qunhai healthcare industry, attracting tens of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists for treatment and recovery every year.


More and more key projects that began to work gave a powerful impetus to the economic development of Qunhai. The project was launched on August 13, 2019. a beautiful fishing village in the town of Tanmen, in which the thematic house will be built, a meeting room for the fishing village, a bar, Hainan's exhibition hall, an exhibition hall of art culture, an exhibition hall of folk culture, as well as a theme park and tourist routes.


He Qunmei said that Qunhai will make full use of the opportunities for building the Hainan Free Trade Zone and the free trade port, as well as use the Boao Forum for Asia to take advantage of Boao to develop a high-level open economy, promote transformation and modernization of traditional industries, expand and strengthen profitable industries and accelerate the development of new industries.


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