Wechat: why there is no "read" function in Wechat messages

All foreigners who use Wicht and other famous messengers are often outraged and ask why there is no "read" function in Wechat messages.

Users have always had a special feeling for the "read unread" feature. As the sender of the message, I hope to see that the other party has "read", and as the recipient, I hope that the other party cannot see if I have read the message. Therefore, one part of WeChat users wants this feature to appear, and the other part is against the appearance of this feature.


At the end of 2020, Tencent launched a poll on its official Weibo account, "Would you like a reading feature?" This caused a lot of discussion among netizens and related topics even made headlines.


The survey results show that about half of the users have chosen not to implement this feature, and as of 2022, we still have not seen the read and unread messages features.


Zhang Xiaolong even joked, "WeChat messages don't have read and unread functions because they give people the ability to lie, which is more in line with human nature."


But the main reason for the absence of the "read" function in Wechat messages is that the inclusion of this function in Wechat will greatly increase the load on communication and increase the time of useless checking of Wechat chats for the fact of reading sent messages, as a result of this, Wechat users will become restless, reduce or even stop using related and more useful WeChat services.


The decision to not enable the "read" feature in WeChat messages was made based on an analysis of the use of Line messenger in Taiwan, an instant messaging program developed by a Japanese company and widely used in Japan and Taiwan. The status of this software is equivalent to WeChat in mainland China, and Line has its own reading function, which caused a lot of trouble for users and mainland China did not enable this function.