Since March 18, 2019, 12 investment projects were opened in Hainan

On May 18, 2019, a press conference was held on newly opened enterprises and newly registered market entities in Hainan Province. Since March 18, 12 investment projects have been implemented in our province. Investment companies start their activities. To date, our province has invested and exploited 30 investment projects this year, which received an operating income of 5.78 billion yuan. From March 18, SDIC Financing Leasing (Hainan) Co., Ltd., Hainan Weilai Xiqi New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing-based Phoenix Lili started its activities in Hainan Province Information Technology Co., Ltd. Hainan Branch, Dade Sharing Economic Service Outsourcing (Hainan) Co., Ltd., Sanya Suofufu Equity Investment Co., Ltd., Guoao (Hainan) Sports Travel Investment Co., Ltd. and other 12 investment investment projects were open and operational. Among them, 2 areas of tourism, 7 modern service industries and 3 high-tech industries. It is clear that this year, the work to promote investment in the province will fully demonstrate the possibility of a provincial joint investment work the joint role of coordinating the conference, foreign investment Significant results were obtained. As of the end of April 2019, 109 new enterprises with foreign investments were created in the province, which grew 3.7 times on an annualized basis, actual use of foreign capital was 102 million US dollars, and almost 20 times on an annualized basis and the growth rate ranked first in the country. Foreign investments in tourism, the modern services industry, the high-tech industry and other industries accounted for 27.1%, 40.6%, 17.6% and 14.7%, respectively. The relevant person responsible for the provincial Ministry of Commerce reported that the province is strategically located around “three districts and one center” and has directed foreign investment in “three main areas”, “five main platforms” and “twelve key industries” in accordance with the requirements of high quality development. Implement a number of high-quality, cost- effective and high-quality projects. At the same time, the province will actively promote the signing of projects in the shortest possible time for commissioning and commissioning in order to achieve efficiency and promote sustainable, stable and healthy economic development. Usually we specify the address directly on the video, but if you need the exact address in Chinese and on the map or you need to find out how to get to this place from your hotel by bus - register on our forum, place there useful for other tourists information about the city of Sanya or the island of Hainan in the form of your text, photo or video and we will inform you all the necessary information immediately, that is, we will write you an address on Chinese, bus numbers and stop names as a complete itinerary from your hotel to this location:

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