Health Commission in 2020 monitored 2,279 health facilities in Hainan Island, China

In 2020, the Provincial Health Commission monitored the work of 2,279 medical institutions with a coverage of 42.68%, 164 radiation diagnostic and medical institutions with a coverage of 50.31% were under observation and inspection. All the institutions in which the problem arose received a sanitary inspection report asking them to rectify the situation, and 203 cases were investigated and reviewed, of which 127 were warned, 163 were fined and a fine of 1.0894 million yuan.


In June 2020, the Hainan Provincial Health and Family Planning Corps was abolished, and its staff was sent to 5 institutions under the Provincial Health Commission, after the abolition of the Hainan Health and Family Planning Corps, it has a greater impact on work Provincial Health Surveillance. After the city and county law enforcement teams were transformed into the Office of Comprehensive Law Enforcement, some new communication and coordination problems arose. The process of collecting and improving the chain of evidence needs further improvement.


In the next phase, the Hainan Provincial Health Commission will accelerate the creation of health surveillance informatization. Popularization and consolidation of law enforcement handheld terminals, deployment of health surveillance and family planning information support that uses law enforcement handheld terminals and the entire law enforcement recording process as the main content, and the drive to create "digital health surveillance and smart health surveillance" and the promotion of "Internet + Health Surveillance and Family Planning" to help Hainan Province establish an intelligent surveillance platform.


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