In 2021 planned social investment projects will be aimed at receiving investments of 7 billion yuan

Haikou City Open Trade Port officials said they should build on the new development to prepare and implement the new development concept and ensure a good start to the "14th Five-Year Plan" to promote the construction of the Yangpu Free Trade Port. Xia Jimei, a party member of the Yangpu Economic Development Bureau, said that in 2021, the bureau will continue to focus on projects, promote investment, plan 48 social investment projects, and strive for investments exceeding 7 billion yuan.


In 2021, it is planned to attract at least 2 Fortune 500 companies, 5 Fortune 500 companies and 10 industry leaders to rapidly advance the Yangpu industry. To optimize the industrial structure of Yangpu, make full use of the industrial policy of the free trade port and focus on representing a number of companies with a high degree of visibility, focus on promoting high-tech petrochemicals and international trade. In 2020, under the leadership of the Yangpu Working Committee Board, the talent work has produced remarkable results.


The Yangpu Talent Development Bureau issued the "Ten Measures to Incentivize the Emergence of Talent in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone," established a talent service center, and introduced a large number of high-level talent. Liu Zhifeng, deputy director of the Yangpu working committee organization department and director of the talent development bureau, said that the bureau will introduce industrial and service-oriented talent in 2021.


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